Personalized color consulting

A cure for paint-picking paralysis

Why does choosing colors have to be so overwhelming?  All you have to do is find that just-right color palette.  The colors that fit your home and the way you live in it.  The palette that pulls it all together — your walls and trim and decor — and makes the most of your furnishings.  The colors that feel like you.

All you wanted to do was give your space an inexpensive facelift.  But, before you knew it, you had color swatches all over the walls and color chips piling up in the garage, and you are no closer to a satisfying decision than you were when you started this project.

Get help finding the perfect palette

We can help you sort through and select the combination colors that say you, that fit your home and the way you live in it. Our color consultant can work with you to build a color palette that pulls everything together  – your walls and trim and decor — and makes the most of your furnishings.

It’s surprisingly affordable.  Pricing starts at $200.  Contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment with Julie, Associated Housewrights’s color stylist.

How our personalized color consulting service works

Our approach is collaborative and fun!  Interior designer Julie Schultz will visit with you to learn about your lifestyle, your decorating style, your color preferences, and the look and feel you want your space to convey. She will listen to your thoughts, ideas, and concerns about your space. She will get an overview of your home’s architectural style –- floor plan, furnishings, functionality, and room flow. She’ll pull out color fan decks and big color sheets for you to look at together. She might even surprise you with options you hadn’t considered before. Then she’ll create a color combination with you. After Julie gets back to the office, she will send you color sheets you can hang on your wall to help you imagine how the color combinations you created will actually look inyour space.


Let us flip that frustration into inspiration

Pricing starts at $200

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