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About Associated Housewrights


Founded in 1992, Associated Housewrights started as a team of three craftsmen experienced in the building trades, science, technology, and business.  In those early years, the three partners designed, specified, estimated, and built each and every project themselves, focusing on restoration, remodeling, and expansions for older homes in Madison’s well-established neighborhoods.

As their reputation for creative design and skilled execution grew, so did the company.  By the late 90s, the partners began to devote themselves primarily to design, project development, and refining the build process to accommodate a larger group.  Staff was added, systems developed and relationships with area building trade specialists further nurtured in order to maintain the end product excellence that’d become a cornerstone of their previous efforts.

Facilities added in ’02 further enhanced the Housewright’s processes by centralizing office staff and providing warehouse, shop, and improved finishing capabilities to their client’s benefit.  From this foundation the Housewrights have remained ‘right sized’ for residential design-build activities and continued to work with clients who appreciate creativity, sensitivity, and commitment.  A nice mix of remodeling, additions and new home building challenge their staff on a daily basis.    And all this time the original blend of enduring craftsmanship and intelligent building science has remained in focus in the interest of delivering long term value to each client and to the community.

In 2015, his partners retiring, founder Matt Speer became sole owner of Associated Housewrights.  New, enthusiastic staff mixed in with the ‘old guard’ have added vitality while adopting and carrying forward the Housewright culture of a client-centered approach established during the last 25 years.  Creative, collaborative, and communicative, Associated Housewrights consistently delivers thoughtful, project-appropriate residential built solutions for discerning Dane County clientele.

The next 25 years look bright.


Our Approach

  • We approach our work, our clients, and each other with integrity and professionalism.
  • We hold ourselves to high standards for respectful, clear, open communication.
  • We work collaboratively with our clients and each other.
  • We consistently challenge ourselves to do our best work.
  • We foster a supportive, thriving work environment that enables each of us to strengthen our skills, deploy our creativity, and produce work we feel proud of.

Ready for.... more space... better functionality... more beauty... better performance... something special?


The Housewrights feel incredibly fortunate to live and work in the Madison metro area. We’re continually aware of our good fortune and would like to express our appreciation to all who make our community such a great place. So to all our clients and business partners and to those we’ve never even met, thank you for all your contributions, big or small, to making Dane County home.

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Associated Housewrights runs on solar & wind power via MG&E  (GPT  &  Shared Solar)