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Hello, and thanks for your interest in our firm.  We appreciate each and every opportunity to meet and serve folks in the Dane County market.  Our resources are finite so our initial focus is on projects that benefit most from our strengths;  those being medium to larger remodels, additions and new homes for clientele interested in solutions tailored to their lifestyle, featuring well conceived building performance specifications and long term value for themselves and their community.

We receive many project inquiries each week/month/year and do our best to serve them all.  And while we enjoy a good phone conversation, and find them superior in many situations, we also recognize connecting electronically helps us maintain our myriad connections over time.   Therefore the surest way of successfully connecting with us is via our web form or email info@housewrights.com

The more we know about your project, the better we will be able to help you so please provide as much information as you’re able.

Thanks in advance,

The Housewrights

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