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This new home project is wrapping up with just a few punch list items remaining along with spring touchups when the weather becomes more suitable.  Finish landscaping, prairie restoration and the pool are slated for ’21 by others.  For now, occupancy has been granted and move-in has commenced right on the heels of our field staff packing out.  Inside is cheerful and comforting thanks to the snow-reflected sunlight (daylighting), geothermal heat pump, the solar array and the occasional wood stove fire.  Personal possessions are completing the setting.  An outside sauna, a great method of dealing with an upper midwest winter, is a short dash away from the master bedroom and is awaiting its maiden run.  Drywall-bucket break seats are being replaced by the homeowners furnishings but the views down the valley and of the rolling countryside are expansive regardless of ones perch.  This home is now ready to start collecting memories of its occupants.