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Our new home project is progressing nicely with the exterior massing now clearly evident.  One can also see how the architecture (floor plans, 3D shape) reacts to the home’s setting capturing exposures and views as the first hint of fall color starts to show in the background foliage.

Except for one rainy week (which we needed) the weather has been facilitating and now that we’re dried-in we’re less susceptible to weather interference.  The outer weather resistant barriers are very visible at this stage;  the flat black roofs are 60 mil EPDM rubber, the pitched blue roof is high temperature roof underlayment soon to be covered with standing seam metal roofing, and the blue walls are a fully adhered weather resistive barrier and air barrier combination.  The drainage plane firring strips install is underway and visible from the 47s point.  The highly efficient triple pane windows and entries are installed and the mechanical rough-ins are nearly complete.  Next up is the interior air sealing and insulation and then our first blower door test of the air-tightness of the home.

From the 10s point to 26s point, and again at the end,  the geothermal excavation out into the prairie is visible.  This area is to be restored to prairie as is much of the site except as necessary to provide a fire barrier.  On the opposite side of the house the solar PV masts ready for panel installation can be seen between the two driveways from the 38s point to the 56s point.  Very tight with efficient mechanicals and site generated electricity; this should be a very low cost home to operate.

Yes, very blue now without the exterior cladding (masonry, cement board and metal)!

New Home Progressing

Crisp, contemporary farmhouse hugging the topography.