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Brian Evans

Brian Evans

Production Manager

Brian began building furniture at age sixteen inspired by the life and work of his grandfather. A strong functional aesthetic and knowledge of wood structural characteristics informs all Brian’s work. He has been employed as an independent carpenter and craftsman, exhibiting his work as an artisan at Art Fair on the Square, and the Audubon Art Fair at Madison’s Olbrich Gardens. Brian currently enjoys handcrafting wooden boats for paddle and sail.

Brian graduated from Penn State with dual degrees: a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and Barch Architecture, both with high distinction. Brian also received the School of Architecture’s Creative Achievement award. His graduate study was at the UW-Madison Solar Energy Lab, where he earned a MS in Mechanical Engineering-Solar Energy with honors.

For fifteen years, Brian owned his own design/build company where he designed and built a wide range of custom remodeling and new construction projects, including a new solar home completely off the power grid. Brian joined Associated Housewrights in 2000 as a Project Manager and Production Engineer.